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Solution for Digital Line Detect - DLG.EXE

How to solve problem:

Digital Line Detect - DLG.EXE process autorun entry

Do you see this process running and want to know whether it is malicious or not?

Here you will find complete description and solution for "Digital Line Detect - DLG.EXE" problem.

Fast Solution:

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Problem description:

What is Digital Line Detect?

Dlg.exe is included into BVRP Phone Tools software suite which provides fax, phone book, e-mail and other sevices. Digital Line Detect is usually pre-installed by Dell and other computer vendors. It runs itself at Windows startup, resides in system memory and detects when you plug or unplug digital telephone line. It also shows the status of connection graphically. It is also known to be included into Connexant V.92 and Broadcom modem drivers.

Is Dlg.exe process malicious or not?

Some time ago Dlg.exe publisher produced spyware and that is why Digital Line Detect is sometimes treated as spyware. However, now it is not spyware anymore. You should definitely delete it if you have some old version of Dlg.exe on your PC. You can decide whether delete it or not if you have newer version. Please note that even newer versions of Dlg.exe process can cause problems, system instability, memory and performance loss. We classify Digital Line Detect as Non-Malicious Problemware.

How to fix Dell Digital Line Detect error?

Quick Solution:

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How to fix Digital Line Detect software problem manually? For advanced users only

To completely solve "Digital Line Detect Dlg.exe" problem you should:

1) Turn off Dlg.exe autostart option in all related programs (modem drivers or BVRP Phone Tools software suite)

2) Kill Dlg.exe process

3) Use Msconfig.exe utility to permanently remove Dgl.exe from startup list.

4) (Optional) Locate and delete Dlg.exe file.

This is long but effective way of dlg.exe removal.

If you are not sure which processes to kill, files to delete and options to set, download this Dlg.exe file remover that will scan for and fix "Digital Line Detect " error.

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Personal assistance request

If you are not sure which solution to choose or want us to assist you in solving your problem with "Digital Line .Detect" feel free to write our support team: open a new support ticket with the subject "dlg.exe problem". We will get back with solution of your problem in 24 hours or less.

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