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How to fix ‘Could not find this item’ error when deleting files

The following error ‘Could Not Find This Item: This Is No Longer Location in (...). Verify the item's location and try again.’ is especially frequent in Windows 7, however, it is a quite common error for other Windows systems. The users, as a rule, see this error when try to remove a file or a folder, and find out that it cannot be done.

Could not find this item error

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Fix 'Could not find this item' error manually

  1. Refresh the folder
  2. Before performing further steps, it’s better to start from something simple and assuring. Try to press F5 to refresh the view and see if it helps. Some people also blame the high RAM usage to cause the error, so, if you have many application running, close several of them and press F5 to renew the folder. If hitting F5 doesn’t help, try to reboot the system, after this you may notice that the previously deleted files have vanished.

  3. Check the hard drive for corruption
    • Initiate the search for cmd
    • Right-click the result and choose Run as administrator
    • Type chkdsk /p and hit Enter. This will start the scan
    • Type chkdsk c: /f /r. This will replace the damaged elements

  4. Delete the file or folder with command prompt
    • Open the command prompt
    • Type /cd (name of the folder containing the file)
    • Type dir and press Enter. You now shall see a list of files, find the one you want to delete

    For deleting files
    • Type del (name of the file)

    For deleting folders
    • Type rmdir (name of the folder)

  5. You may as well try using DOC 8.3 naming
  6. In this case, type ‘dir /x’ in the place of ‘dir’. This will show you files with DOC 8.3 names, use them in ‘del’ and ‘rmdir’ commands.

  7. Rename the file/folder in the Command Prompt
  8. You may try to rename the file/folder instead, in case the previous method didn’t work, which can be caused by a too long name of the file/folder. Repeat the steps from the method 3, but instead of ‘del’ and ‘rmdir’ type ‘ren olderfoldername newfoldername’

  9. Create Temporary Folder
  10. You may make an attempt to change the object’s location by creating a new temporary folder and moving the unremovable files/folders to it and then delete them all at once.

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