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How to fix Windows 10 ‘Critical Error’

The release of new Windows 10 system generated a great buzz and many users rushed to try it out. However, unfortunately, the system came over with ambivalent reviews. After the upgrade to Windows 10 many users have unfortunately regretted about this decision. Now and then the threads from users who has encountered Windows 10 errors appear on forums. A so-called Critical Error is one of the most discussed ones, as it notifies the user about inability to use the Start menu. In Windows 10 Start menu is the main center of performing operations, and when it doesn’t launch, the whole computer becomes almost blocked. The error appears with every attempt to reach the Start menu and says that Start menu (and sometimes Cortana) are not functioning and that this will be fixed when user signs in the next time.

Windows 10 Critical Error

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Fix Windows 10 Critical Error manually

  1. While Microsoft hadn’t got a proper answer on the issue, users had to use bypasses to have their systems work. Rebooting the system in safe mode helped in some scenarios.
    • Press the Power button and hold Shift
    • Choose Restart
    • Click Troubleshoot
    • Go to Advanced options, then select Startup Setting and Restart
    • Choose Safe Mode with networking

    or alternatively:
    • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
    • Choose Task Manager
    • Select File menu and click on Run a new task
    • Check the box Create this task with ...
    • Type msconfig and hit Enter
    • Choose Boot, then Safe boot, then Network
    • Confirm the choice and restart the computer
    • After the reboot press Ctrl+Alt+Del again
    • Type msconfig and hit Enter
    • Go to the Boot menu and deselect Safe mode
    • Reboot the system

  2. Another temporary solution is creating or using another account. To create a new one:
    • Right-click the Start icon
    • Choose Settings
    • Open Accounts submenu
    • Select Family & other users tab
    • Click Add someone else to this PC
    • Then choose Sign in without a Microsoft account and select Local account

  3. Uninstall Dropbox application. It might be surprising that an app can block the operating of such a critical part of Windows 10 as the Start menu, but some users have stated on Microsoft forums that the removal of Dropbox fixes the problem.
    • Right-click the Start menu and open Settings
    • Go to the System tab
    • Choose Apps&Features
    • Choose the program and click Uninstall
    • Follow the on-screen instructions

  4. Download Microsoft update. After receiving many complaints about the error and collecting the information on it, Microsoft released a cumulative update KB 3093266. Though after the fix some users still reported that the problem remained, you may still check if it works for you. To check for available updates do the following:
    • Right-click the Start icon
    • Choose Settings
    • Go to Update&Security, then to Windows Update
    • Choose Check for Updates
    • In the appeared list you’ll see available updates
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