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How to fix 'Windows cannot find any networks' problem

The Internet helps to solve many problems, but what if the problems with the Internet occur? The troubles with network connection are more often appear among the users of laptops, Windows Vista and in the cases of wireless connection.

'Windows cannot find any networks problem

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Fix Windows cannot find any networks problem manually

  1. Check the connection
  2. On some models there is a button controlling the wireless card. For cabled connections check if the cable is plugged to the computer and to the network router.

  3. Check the router position
  4. You may try to move it closer or replace it from other electronic devices like phones and microwave ovens.

  5. Look up the Firewall settings
  6. Since it may block the wireless components to get to the network. If you have 3rd party Firewalls installed, they may also block elements of local traffic. Correct adjusting the firewall settings may help to solve the problem, in other way you may uninstall them to see if it fixes the trouble.

  7. If you still cannot see any changes, then it may happen that the driver is to be uninstalled or reinstalled. For this do the following:
    • Open Control Panel
    • Go to the System category
    • In the System window, open Device Manager
    • Go to Network Adapters and expand the category
    • Right-click the needed device and click Uninstall

  8. Activate Wireless Connection
    • Open Control Panel
    • Go to Network and Internet, then to Network and Sharing Center
    • Choose Diagnose and Repair
    • After some time, Windows will offer a list of solutions
    • Choose the one that suits you
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