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Dialers - is quite rare type of threats nowadays but they still can cause serious problems to you. The matter is that computer dialer uses you phone line to dial special phone numbers (most popular are adult content dialers). Calling those numbers will cost you lot of money thats why removing dialer from your PC is urgent and necassary procedure. Learn more about particular type of dialers - HotVideo - and read how you can remove it without extra efforts.

HotVideo Removal Solution

HotVideo usually doesn't create visible folders in, for example, Program Files folder, or somewhere else. Main executable file of HotVideo is taskmon.exe but it alos created some additional .exe and .dll files, We developed specual utility to remove HotVideo. Click here to download it:

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* Definition of HotVideo? Technical details of HotVideo threat.

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* FREE download of a program that will solve your problem automatically.

Threat indicator: HIGH

Dialers's profile

Name of the dialer:

Command or file name:

Threat type:

Affected OS:




Win32 (Windows 9x, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Seven)

Ill-intentioned HotVideo is designed to use international or premium rate local phone numbers to establish connection diversion the edaphic global Internet service provider. A true to type HotVideo starts on every PC startup and offers to screen its presence in the computer. They do not develop by themselves and usually have to be installed as any other applications with or without user information content. HotVideo is purposeed to buyers of dialup WAD services. A typical HotVideo's sacrifice loses hundreds of dollars every day and doesn't even know about it until he attains an enormous phone bill from a local telephone enterprise. Pests intentionally do not propose one moment and dependable Internet connection, as every minute that a buyer spends being online brings them quite a hulk gainings.

HotVideo infection

Dialers have not a real difference from other computer virus when they get installed onto your computer without your knowledge. If your antivirus software let HotVideo get to your PC commonly it is unable to remove it as well. Firewalls are great tools to prevent dialer from accessing premium rate numbers. Generally, HotVideo copies its file(s) to your hard disk. Its typical file name is taskmon.exe. Then it creates new startup key with name HotVideo and value taskmon.exe. You can also find it in your processes list with name taskmon.exe or HotVideo.

Recommended Solution

If you are not sure what to delete, use our award winning program - HotVideo Removal Tool.

HotVideo Removal Tool will find and fully remove HotVideo and all problems associated with HotVideo virus.

HotVideo Removal Tool is efficient way to clean your PC from HotVideo that does harm your computer, breaks your privacy, and steals your money. HotVideo Removal Tool scans all your hard disks and registry and deletes any instance of HotVideo. Standard anti-virus software can do nothing against malicious programs like HotVideo. Remove HotVideo straight away!

DownloadDownload HotVideo Removal Tool

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How to remove HotVideo?

In most cases your basic antivirus fails to get rid of a certain dialer. Solution from is intended to remove HotVideo, and we provide manual dialer removal instructions as well as autimatic removal tool. Instructions allow the experienced user manually remove all the files, directories, registry entries and other objects that belong to HotVideo. If you consider yourself a "novice" we strongly recommend you to use HotVideo Removal Tool.

So, to solve problem with HotVideo on your PC, you need to:

1. Remove the following processes and delete the appropriate files:

no information

2. Remove the following directories:

no information

3. Remove the following malicious registry entries and\or values:

no information

Attention: If you can't locate certain files or folders we recommend you to use HotVideo Removal Tool for guaranteed problem solution.

Here are the descriptions of problems connected with HotVideo and taskmon.exe we received earlier:

Problem Summary: I need a girlfriend for my love

I need a girlfriend for love n marriage

Problem was successfully solved. Ticket was closed.


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