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Enterprise Security Center

Control your network anti spyware protection from one place

Enterprise Security Center
  • Easily deploys anti spyware protection over network
  • Starts, stops and monitors scanning process on all computers
  • Solves found problems in one click, no matter how far the infected computer is
  • Ensures protection on each computer is up-to-date
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Enterprise Security Center is a part of True Sword Corporate which allows you to deploy anti spyware protection (True Sword) on each computer in the network in several clicks and remotely control the process of scanning and solving problems.

No matter how many computers are there in your network – 10 or 1000, Enterprise Security Center will pay itself quickly by reducing job of your IT department or system administrator in several times.

With Enterprise Security Center network security and protection from spyware, adware, Trojans, trackware, dialers and other kinds of malware is easier than 1-2-3.

Free shipping with True Sword Corporate

If you order True Sword Corporate for at least 10 computers, Enterprise Security Center is shipped free of charge. You don’t need to buy it separately. True Sword corporate is prepared to work with Enterprise Security Center cutting your IT costs dramatically.

Pays itself in several days

Do you know how much you pay your IT specialists now for the jobs that can be fully automated: deploying anti spyware protection on all computers in the network, running regular anti spyware scans on each of the computers and fixing found spyware and malware, monitoring the status of anti spyware protection on each of the computers in the network, downloading database updates and placing them on each computer? Pay less with Enterprise Security Center!

One-click deployment

True Sword Corporate is shipped both in executable packages and in MSI (Microsoft Installer) packages which allows easy deployment of the protection to each of the computer in your network using Microsoft Active Directory software deployment features. The step-by-step tutorial on the deployment process is included into the standard package.

One click to search and kill spyware all over the network

With Enterprise Security Center you can select all computers in the list that you want perform scan on, click one button – and the scan process starts. You will then see in real time the progress of scan process on each computer, and when the scan finishes – the list of results found on each computer. Several more clicks – and selected problems are solved. Remember, that you were in front of only one computer all the time, while spyware was deleted from all the selected computers.

Why should I choose Enterprise Security Center and not other products?


  • Decreases costs of maintaining anti spyware and anti malware security in corporate network
  • Requires fewer specialists to perform the same amount of job
  • Waives headache with modern threats
  • Saves money on unnecessary hardware upgrades

System Administrator:

  • Allows to install protection on every computer within network in several clicks
  • Manages anti spyware and anti malware scans and solutions from one place
  • Updates anti malware databases on each computer within network remotely
  • Works even on low-end hardware without performance loss
  • Wisely uses network traffic, requires only small fraction of bandwidth


  • Lists computers where True Sword protection is installed and where it is not installed yet
  • Allows to select several computers in the list and remotely run anti spyware scan on them
  • Monitors and shows progress of performing scans
  • Shows the list of threats found on each computer and allows remotely eliminate those threats
  • Shows detailed information on each found threat per request
  • Allows to remotely update anti spyware database on remote computer
  • Downloads updates only one time and them deploys them remotely saving Internet traffic
  • Shows which computers have up-to-date protection and which ones require update
  • Works with Microsoft Active Directory and MSI technologies to remotely deploy anti spyware protection to the computers where it is not installed yet

Q: What is the minimum and maximum numbers of computers Enterprise Security Center can control?

A: Enterprise Security Center can protect from 1 to 10 000 computers at the same time.

Q: Is Enterprise Security Center compatible with Windows Vista and Windows Seven?

A: Enterprise Security Center is fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows Seven.

Q: Which way does Enterprise Security Center help to deploy anti spyware protection remotely?

A: Both Enterprise Security Center and True Sword Corporate are shipped in MSI (Microsoft Installer) packages which can be easily deployed to remote computers using Active Directory.

Q: Can Enterprise Security Center be run on the computer different from the server or domain controller?

A: Enterprise Security Center can be used on any computer in the network with sufficient privileges.

Q: Does Enterprise Security Center affect network bandwidth?

A: Enterprise Security Center has very little impact on the network bandwidth. Your instant messenger program uses network even more often than Enterprise Security Center does.

Q: Can Enterprise Security Center be purchased separately?

A: Enterprise Security Center is shipped free of charge with True Sword Corporate only.

Q: Can Enterprise Security Center manage security products of different vendors?

A: Enterprise Security Center is developed to manage True Sword Corporate only.

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Alberto The Admin (16 Feb 2009, 09:34)

No need to hurry between those scanned computers - just sit in one place and do things remotely. Nice stuff.

Sourth Timber Company (30 Mar 2009, 09:36)

My emploee recommended me this, I checked out - really good program. It makes perfect union with True Sword Corporate which we purchased this year.

Erland (2 May 2009, 09:38)

I wish I saw this program before our company purchased something from McAfee... The one from Security Stronghold is definitely better!

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Enterprise Security Center

Enterprise Security Center

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My emploee recommended me this, I checked out - really good program. It makes perfect union with True Sword Corporate which we purchased this year.

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