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Threats type: Adware

Adware is an application which is intended to download some advertising information and demonstrate it to user. It can display ads, banners, coupons, deals, pop-ups on your desktop or in browsers. There are two basic types of adware:

  • Programs which are distributed in the compliance with Adware license. These adware demonstrates advertisement as a payment for its usage. Some advertisement messages can be displayed only while some adware application works.

  • An independent application intended to display advertisements. As a rule, adware mask themselves from finding and deleting by user. Some bothering advertising messages which are displayed in suitable and unsuitable case are usually demonstrated with very invasive pop-up windows because of malicious adware. By the way, some adware use exotic kinds of advertising demonstration. As example, penetration of advertising information on top of desktop wallpaper or the placement of web-elements onto the desktop is widespread capacity of adware.

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