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Threats type: Rat

Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is a malicious software with the help of which some hackers manage your computer and control it without user’s permission through the Internet connection. Some criminal hackers use RAT to get a remote access to user’s computer as well:

  • Because of RATs’ activity you can find yourself exposed into the scams. Malicious web-site can become a decoy-duck without user’s suspicion.
  • RATs can delete some files and programs without user’s permission and if you can’t notice it in time you will be able to lose some important information irrevocably.
  • RATs can record your typing and send these documents to a third party.
  • RATs can capture your media files and pass them to another computer.
  • Unauthorized stopping of user’s processes and programs is a result of RATs activity.
  • RATs can manage pop-up ads and disturb you by it.
  • Due to RATs your computer can become a source of infection and spread RATs onto other computers.

Your computer safety is in your hands regardless of RATs activity! Just download Stronghold AntiMalware and your safety won't be a problem any longer iregardless RATs invaded your computer or not.

Security Stronghold threat catalog: 134, current: 130

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