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Threats type: Spyware

Spyware is a software launched on your computer with a purpose of gathering all user's logins and passwords. Some artful spyware programs are downloaded with freeware and shareware and then launch themselves to permanently spy over your actions in the Internet. Spyware usually passes information about user's Internet accounts and his/her work in the Internet to third party. Spyware can be both harmless for you in one case and rather dangerous in other case when they steel your credit card numbers and other confidential information. Spyware is a popular tool to get access to user's computer to advertising broadcasting.

Are you heap up with spam in spite of your attempts to hide your e-mail address from all off-site eyes? It is a sign of spyware’s appearance. To secure yourself once and forever you may use our antispyware program – Stronghold AntiMalware. Stronghold AntiMalware keeps a huge database of all known spywares and can become a faithful guard of your confidentiality. Unique heuristic algorithm of Stronghold AntiMalware will even help you hold out against unknown spyware.

Security Stronghold threat catalog: 213, current: 130

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